About Us


“You are visiting the SLCo website, it means you’re looking for information on speech, language and communication, right?  It might be for a child that looks like me. Would you know if I had a difficulty with my speech and language?”

Did you know the answer to Ben’s question? Probably not. But good news – you’re at the right place to find out. Let’s start to explore the world of speech and language impairments.

On our website you will find lots of information on difficulties children might have – you’ll see lots of terminology and may get lost a bit in trying to match up the difficulties your child has with what you read on the page. Don’t worry, terminology can be confusing for everyone.

We at SLCo know how important it is that you find what you want, and start to help both yourself and your child.

Professionals, practitioners and parents/carers – they can all struggle conceptually to understand what speech, language and communication impairments are, their nature and how they affect a child, and how best to support the child’s individual needs, and those of their family.

Some speech and language impairments might be referred to as ‘hidden’ problems because the children appear the same as everyone else – but often can’t make sense of the world in the same way as others as they have differences in how they understand or express themselves.

Our key message to you is early intervention helps – so please don’t delay- stop and find out what you need to know today.

It may have taken you months or years in some cases, of continuous efforts, therapies, meetings, and the like to get where you need to be. Your feelings of frustration might be high.

We’re here to listen, talk and understand. Parents can become confused and tired, and often seek reassurance and guidance, to help them along an often quite long journey of discovery, potentially full of challenges.

The journeys of parent and carers often share commonalities:

  • finding out about the particular problems your child may be experiencing
  • multiple appointments with health practitioners to determine next steps
  • speech and language therapy and/or other forms of therapy or support
  • meetings and often more meetings with key professionals
  • decisions to be made on the best support for your child
  • disagreements with professionals – who knows best?
  • going forward – nursery, school, social and leisure
  • finding the best way for you  to help support the development of your child
  • don’t know where to turn
  • feeling you should be doing more – what do I need to know to support development of speech and language?
  • guilt, anxiety, fears
  • how do I do all this juggling a family and working life?

Does anything from the above resonate with you?

You may find there’s quite a lot of anxiety and stress around for you, the mums, dads, grannies, aunties, or any primary carer of a child. It’s not easy and it’s a big responsibility to support your child’s communication but being prepared will definitely help.

We want to you to know that we are here to help. We have a wealth of knowledge and information to share with you. We can support you at early stages or late stages, there is never a point in which intervention is too late.

Please take your time to read the general information contained in the pages of the website and take your first step and contact us. The Helpline is designed to lend an ear and help you identify what you need in terms of support from us. We can then target what we are able to offer to you. Our Helpline staff will take your details and pass you on to who can support you best. If you just need someone to express your anxieties and emotions to, we’re here for that too.

You can also contact us through the website and social media if you prefer. SLCo may not be able to support all of your needs but can help you by signposting and providing links to other agencies, guiding you to sources of support.

It is important to us that we offer continuity of support and parent and carers have told us they value the ongoing support we give.  Difficulties can be overcome, interventions, practical help, but ages and stages for children with speech and language difficulties can throw up myriad issues. A relationship built with our family liaison team means we can offer ongoing support for you if and when you need us.

Please, contact us for an informal chat or come along to one of our open days or play days. Check out the calendar for dates. Experience what we can offer and come and join us.

Kids with or without speech and language delays or kids with long term difficulties – they will all benefit from their parents and carers being better equipped to support their speech and language development.

We look forward to hearing from you!

“ I had to wait for months for a referral to speech and language therapy – having this help and support and knowing how to improve my child’s speech has been just wonderful”

“The workshop and activities have helped my child so much with her speech, with a lot of fun involved too. I have learned so much and am far more confident now”

“The parent meetings give you a lot of insight into how other mums cope – I look forward to meeting them. Been a really good help to me. ”

“Working with the SLCo has been just great for my family. My wee boy is a lot happier and he can understand so much better. I saw a difference in only a few weeks. Thank you so much. Don’t know what we would have done without you.