Brick Donation Drive

Brick Donation Drive

We are really excited to launch our new Brick Clubs, which use brick toys (such as LEGO® or similar alternatives) to facilitate communication development and social interaction for children and young people that might find communicating challenging. This therapeutic technique is based on innovative research, and is beneficial particularly to children and young people on the autism spectrum, but also many others that have other forms of speech, language or communication needs.

We need your help!

We can provide the expertise, but we need you to help provide the bricks! We are asking for donations of clean, good condition brick toys (like LEGO®) to use in our Brick Clubs, or funds to help us buy specific sets. There are a few ways you can help us do this:

1. Send us your spare bricks:

If you have some old LEGO® (or similar) kits lying around and they are clean and in good condition (not broken), we would love to have them. Please send them to us with a note inside saying who they have come from, and ensure there is a return address on the package. Our postal address is:

42-44 Castle Street

2. Donate funds:

Donations of money will enable us to buy specific sets that fit children and young people’s skill levels and interests, and we will be able to buy from secondhand suppliers if the opportunity arises. You can donate to us via the PayPal button below, or get in touch with us to arrange another method of donation.

3. Organise a donation drive or fundraiser:

Maybe your school, workplace, church or community centre would be able to organise a donation drive for us? You could run a competition to see who can build the best LEGO® building, or have a sponsored activity to raise money for us. We would love to be involved and would be happy to provide support for this, so please let us know!

4. Let other people know:

Please tell your friends we are looking for donations, via social media or word-of-mouth, as you never know who has a box full of Duplo hiding in a wardrobe! The more people who know about our campaign, the sooner we will be able to provide this fun, important support for children and young people. We are tweeting about it using #slcobrickclub, or you can share on our Facebook page, but please feel free to use other social media platforms to spread the word!

If you have other ideas to help us in this donation drive, we would love to hear them!