Chatta – an app to develop language skills

Chatta – an app to develop language skills

In a digital age, children and young people are spending more time engaging with technology than ever before and it can be challenging to see how we can use that to support development rather than distract from it. With a child glued to their screen, there is sometimes a concern that they are not practising and growing their communication abilities enough, even if they may be using other skills like reflexes, fine motor skills, and even reading.

Introducing Chatta

Chatta is a new app to support language and communication skills for children, that can be used by teachers, parents and practitioners. Chatta uses photos, audio recordings, and touchscreens to encourage children to practice communication skills in school, from home and on the go. Teachers or practitioners can set up their own profiles, as well as profiles for the different children they work with, and can then send resources to parents or guardians to practice at home.

How it works

After getting the app up and running, the “teacher” (can be a practitioner or other adult working with the child) can take photos and record audio of descriptions for the photos. These photos can then be arranged into a story or information that the child can learn, like a short storyboard or comic strip. From there, the child can listen to the target audio recorded by the teacher, and record their own descriptions.

Who does it work for?

Chatta can be used with any children, but we see particular potential for children with SCLNs. For example, the connection between the audio and visual components could benefit children with DLD in understanding the audio more thoroughly, and being able to replay the audio allows them to catch every part of the speech sounds without feeling embarrassed for asking someone to repeat themselves. By recording their own version of the captions, children with speech difficulties can practice their speech sounds and teachers or practitioners can assess their improvements. Chatta can also offer a great way of introducing new words into a child’s vocabulary, or going over some words they find challenging.

Find out more

You can visit Chatta’s website to learn more about the app.

At S-L-Co, we are coming up with a range of Chatta-based activities that teachers, practitioners, or parents can practice with children with SLCNs. You can stay up to date with these developments in addition to our other work by subscribing to our mailing list: