The Speech Language Communication Company (we are also known as SLCo) has emerged as a new charity registered in Scotland in January 2016. We operated as Afasic Scotland for 18 years as an independent branch of the UK charity Afasic. Our base in Dundee and presence across Scotland developed over time, and as a result of listening to and reviewing the needs of the beneficiaries and the shifting charity and financial landscapes, it was agreed that we would branch out into a separate entity in Scotland, retaining our rich history and collaborative links.

It has been an exciting yet challenging time gearing up to our  new operational model and positioning ourselves to build a sustainable infrastructure for the future.  With support from the parent organisation, we successfully transferred from old to new, overseen by a new board of trustees and informed by our existing parent networks which influence and drive the direction of our work across Scotland.

As an existing key national player in promoting Inclusive Communication, we will continue to respond and support the increasing challenges families whose children have speech and language impairments face in their daily lives. We understand the speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) which many children( and adults) struggle to overcome and will use our expertise and range of evidence based interventions to improve the lives of both children and young people and their parents and carers.

We shall build on the successes of the past, keep learning and be adaptive to change. Our values are important to us and our families are assets and experts and are at the heart of our work. Our commitment to the principles of social inclusion and the rights of the child will be firmly grounded in our promotion, awareness raising, education and training programmes.