We rely on grants, donations and fundraising to run our services, to keep them free for those who need them.

Over the next 2 years, we are aiming to fundraise £25k to cover a shortfall in funding of our core costs. Here is how various amounts could contribute towards our core costs:

£500 would enable us to deliver vital staff training to ensure the highest standards of support to young people.

£1,000 would meet the rental charge for the building and the costs of stationery associated with the administration for a year.

£2,000 would enable us to increase staffing at our children and youth club to the level at which we can ensure the best possible experience for those young people attending.

£2,000 will help support the cost of our website and e-resources.

£2,500 will help support kids’ activities and support costs for our contributors/volunteers.

£3,000 will help support therapeutic activities for children for a year.

£3,675 will support the cost of our youth club for a year.

£4,000 will support the parent groups and practical support for families for one year.

£5,000 will support a third of the cost of our Befriending service.

£7,500 will support the cost of 2 new e-learning modules for parents and carers – to help them learn how to support kids and themselves at home.

£10,000 will support a part-time family support worker who works in local communities supporting the needs of the children, mums and dads, grandparents, and so on.

£15,000 will support a part-time family therapist post to help kids with very specific conditions.

£20,000 or more will help support and strengthen our core services and help maintain our capacity to continue supporting hundreds of children and families across Scotland.

We are fortunate to have received support from the Scottish Government, the Robertson Trust, Children in Need, the R.S. Macdonald Trust, and the City of Edinburgh Council. We are in the process of securing more sources of funding.

Please help us support a child’s voice – financial support can have very real effects on the level of service we can provide. If you cannot support us financially, maybe you could help spread the word by sharing our posts on social media, or you may be able to donate your time and volunteer with us.

Paypal allows you to set up a single or recurring donation of any amount you like, either direct from your card or through your own Paypal account. It is secure and you can adjust it anytime you like. If you can, recurring donations can be really helpful for us, as they provide continuous funding without us having to keep asking for it. Any amount you can give is helpful – even £5 a month will help us more than nothing!

If you want to get in touch about donating large amounts of money, please contact us through our contact form to discuss the best way to do this.