Help from SLCo

If you think your child has a problem do not delay contact us today!

Early intervention is key to achieving the best outcomes for your child. 

It is important that being informed and best equipped is the best position a parent could be in to support the diverse needs a child might have.

Family Support Programme
Our model of supporting parents and carers recognises the fears and worries that often affect how you access the early support you will need. Families have told us how helpful we are because we support both parent and child. We understand that in the early stages where a difficulty has been identified, it often takes many months if not years for a diagnosis or therapeutic interventions to begin.

Therefore parents and carers know that we are here to help, we offer a range of supports and practical strategies which will assist you and your child and that we offer a key bridge between families and statutory services.

You will find particular details about what we do in the ‘How we can help’ section.