The Importance of Play In The Early Years

The Importance of Play In The Early Years

Did you know? 

Play is one of the most important ‘jobs’ for your young children, helping them to develop language skills, process their emotions and learn social skills. When young children play, they learn at the same time so these are great opportunities for you to sit with your child and encourage their language development.

Top tips for playtime:

  • Read books, listen to stories and rhymes, and sing songs
  • Narrate your child’s play; “you’ve started with the blue block, now you are putting the red block on top of the blue block” etc. 
  • Take your child’s lead during play
  • Make up stories as you are walking to nursery, waiting for the bus, riding the train. As your child gets older you can start to share the story e.g. Parent – “Once upon a time there was a pirate” Child – “and the pirate lived on a desert island”… and so on

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