Stage 1: Importance of Communication

Step 2: Successful Communication

What do you think needs to happen for communication of any kind to be successful?

Click on the True or False buttons. A tick will show you were correct, a cross that it was a wrong answer.

Communication involves 2 or more people
Using your hands when talking can aid understanding
Adults understand everything they hear
Genuine facial expression shows emotions in conversation
Facing away from someone when talking does not affect the listener’s understanding
Background noise like TV or radio does affect ability to listen and concentrate
Writing long instructions helps children understand
Speaking fast makes the listener’s brain work faster
Listening to a person talking English but with an accent different to yours does not affect your ability to understand
Your choice of words has no impact on the person’s ability to follow what you are saying
Writing short simple instructions and using pictures can help a person understand
Shouting makes it easier to understand
Common symbols can support understanding
Being in a conversation with 3 or more people talking can affect your understanding
Listening is as equally important in successful communication as talking