Stage 2: Signs of SLCN

Step 3: Signs of SLCN

Do you know what signs of  speech, language or communication needs (SLCN) are? Some are not as obvious as others.

Click on the buttons to indicate if you think the behaviour show a ‘SLCN’ or ‘Not SLCN’. A tick will appear if you are correct; a cross if you are incorrect. Take your time, it makes you think.

Avoids talking
Refuses to talk
Interacts confidently with other children
Looking baffled
Can follow instructions appropriate for their age
Repeats self a lot
Hiding homework
Offers information which others can follow
Can independently make up and write stories
Makes odd sounds
Whispers when talks
Makes toys talk to each other
Behind in schoolwork
Getting ideas muddled
Makes eye contact when talking and listening
Avoids social situations
Asks for clarification
Lets siblings talk for them
Difficulty following instructions
Plays with other kids