Stage 2: Signs of SLCN

Step 5: Social Communication and Teenagers

Are you aware of some of the problems teenagers have in social situations if they have  SLCN? Probably not as they are not always obvious and they can often not explain to you what is happening to them. These are key factors to be aware of –  know how your teenager might become socially excluded and isolated – and do something about it! SLCo provides resources and services for young people so please talk to us abut what we have in your area.

Click on the ‘stumbling block’ image below (14 times) to reveal what problem teenagers face in social situations.

Social Stumbling Blocks

  • Doesn’t know how to make or keep friends
  • Excluded from social events
  • Doesn’t understand when people are making fun of them
  • Struggle planning and keeping time
  • Are too honest with their feelings
  • Get left behind in stories and jokes
  • Difficulty getting into romantic relationships
  • Can be sexually taken advantage of
  • Doesn’t know how to say no
  • Can come across as blunt and abrupt
  • Doesn’t know how to start or end a conversation
  • Can be treated as if stupid
  • Can’t learn social rules even when explained
  • Sound different so are avoided