Stage 2: Signs of SLCN

Step 6: Social Stumbling Blocks for Teenagers with SLCN

Take a moment to think of other situations a teenager with a SLCN may encounter socially.

Click on the ‘stumbling block’ image below (8 times) to reveal what problem teenagers face in social situations.

Social Stumbling Blocks

  • Teenager: “I can’t keep up with group conversations”
  • Teenager: “I don’t know how to take turns”
  • Teenager: “I have problems remembering information”
  • Teenager: “I can get confused easily”
  • Teenager: “I can appear as if I’m not interested”
  • Teenager: “I may be seen as lazy or naughty”
  • Teenager: “I struggle changing my behaviour to be appropriate to each different environment I’m in”
  • Teenager: “I may be used as a ‘stooge’ by other kids who use me to do something inappropriate, dangerous or illegal”