Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 10: How you can help your child

Supporting your child now can give them the positive future they deserve and practicing home-play can build a better bond between you and your child.

  • Playing games with others improves a child’s listening skills, attention and concentration abilities.
  • Sharing and turn-taking skills which will help them in class and with making friendships.
  • Giving your child time to process information allows them to forms ideas.
  • Saying what you want, not what you don’t want, e.g. ‘Walk slowly’ instead of ‘don’t run’, ‘carry it carefully’ instead of ‘don’t spill it’, helps them do it right.
  • Giving a couple of short instructions helps them understand.
  • Varying your tone of voice, facial expression and using gesture helps them follow what you say.

Don’t delay.

Do home-play today.