Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 11: Bridging the Speech, Language, Communication Gap

You can assist in your child’s development in every interaction, every day.

  • Talk normally, not using baby words
  • Have a chat about their day
  • Say aloud everything you do
  • Play turn-taking games, such as Snap or I-Spy
  • Watch dance videos to help their coordination
  • Colour in books and describe pictures
  • Turn off tv/music and read
  • Ask them to read aloud simple words, e.g. bus, toilet, shop
  • Ask them to name objects
  • Join a library and read books together
  • Keep a scrapbook
  • Take them to free play-group
  • Count what you see around you
  • Exaggerate your facial expression and gesture
  • Say what you see having around you, e.g. the man is walking his dog in the park
  • Emphasise the most important word in a sentence, e.g. that’s a DOG
  • Practice Home-play every day