Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 12: Handling Hurdles of Home-play

In your home there may be some hurdles that get in the way of you helping your child with their home-play.

Please click on your choices from the following list if you think the statement is ‘helpful’ or a ‘hurdle’. A tick will show you were correct, or a cross that it was a wrong answer.

Setting a fixed time to practice
TV or music on in the background
Allowing your child to play with toys at the same time
Facing out of the window to do home-play
Being enthusiastic and encouraging about home-play
Asking others not to interrupt you both while practicing
Avoiding criticism over errors, praising when successful
Giving an appropriate reward when they complete it all
Assuming they will grow out of their communication difficulty
Leaving the home-play for the SLT at the therapy session
Having a visual calendar of practice with reward stickers
Asking somebody else to home-play, rather than yourself