Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 13: Challenges with Home-play

We understand that there can be myriad reasons that makes  regular home-play practice a challenge. Take a minute to read the list below . Recognise any? It is really important to do your best to factor in  the time to make sure your child’s home-play gets done.  If some of these resonate with you, take some time to plan how you might work around these. Home-play will benefit your child!

Hurdles at Home Never Sometimes Often
Unemployment worry
Money concerns
Too much work to do
Public transport times
Housework and shopping
Elderly relative to care for
Addictions of your own
Noisy house, no quiet space to practice
Stressed and tired
Your child has no interest in home-play
Your child’s physical needs take priority
You have other social commitments
Embarrassed/confused- don’t know what to do
Feelings of guilt/shame
Don’t understand hw to support a disability
You don’t agree with the SLT
Think your child will ‘grow out of it’
Cultural expectations of boys versus girls
Your language differences
Your reading/writing difficulties
You don’t understand the home-play
Never enough hours in the day
Behaviour of your child makes it tricky to focus on home-play tasks
You don’t get support from others