Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 16: Risk of no Speech Language Therapy or Home-play

There are many risks associated with the overall well being of a child with an SLCN that is left untreated. Here is an insight in to the possibility of what can happen in each of these places now and for the future.

Job Centre

Less education & qualifications reduces job options
Unemployment increases risks of depression which can lead to poor physical and mental health, alcohol and drug misuse.


Get into trouble for not following instructions
Inability to interact with children their own age or form good relationships can lead to loneliness and further depression and self-harm.


70% of youth offenders have an SLCN
Inability to secure regular well paid work has been shown to often lead to violence and crime
Poor communication means can be easily used and taken advantage of be criminals


Children who have a SLCN are at much higher risk of being abused in all forms.
More likely to have children tease them or be bullied and leave them out of play
Withdraw their attention from school and school marks go down.}