Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 17: Benefits to Home-play

Click on the image below (6 times) to reveal the benefits family that have been received through Speech and Language Therapy Home-play.

  • MUM: “He understands our conversations now and shares ideas much more, it’s more fun for both of us.”
  • DAD: “She looks forward to going to school now and does homework willingly!”
  • GRAN: “Susie is so much better behaved and home life is easier and more pleasant for everyone.”
  • SISTER: “My brother doesn’t have tantrums any more and is so much more fun to play with.”
  • SLT: “It’s great when parents come back with their kids and I can hear a big improvement in their child’s communication because they’ve been practicing the home-play everyday.”
  • TEACHER: “Sam is willing to try new things now and is more independent with his schoolwork.”