Stage 3: Helping your Child's Communication

Step 9: Creating Positive Communication

Success socially comes from changing our communication to bond by blending in.

Click on the True or False buttons that would successfully bring about positive communication. A tick will show you were correct, or a cross that it was a wrong answer.

Speaks at the right volume for the environment
Does not respond to people when spoken to
Touches lots of people including strangers
Knows what is appropriate to say, when and to whom
Says the same thing over and over again
Plays within barriers, e.g. when far is far enough
Tells and understands age appropriate humour
Shouts in a social group
Uses correct patterns of speech in tone and speed
Awareness of ‘personal space’¬†when standing next to someone
Correctly interprets others’ ¬†emotions
Takes appropriate turns in conversation
Asks questions that do not match the environment
Uses appropriate facial expressions and gestures
Walks away when someone is talking to them
Shares the right amount of detail, not too much or little
Gets confused by figures of speech, e.g. ‘pull your socks up’