Practitioners’ resources


We are currently working on an additional set of resources to help you support children and families.

Our CPD training programme is currently being revised.

SLCO Interactive, our online e-learning program will guide you through many of the questions you might have, offers information and guidance on many aspects of supporting your child, including rights and education. Use this resource as a learning tool as and when it suits you. You can dip in and out as time permits. 

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The Speech Language Communication Company emerged in 2016 as a new charity from its previous name, Afasic Scotland, the Scottish arm of AFASIC. Afasic has been busy helping families since 1968 and highly regarded in the field of speech and language disorders and Specific Language Impairments (SLIs).

Afasic has been effectively supporting children with speech and language impairments and has a many general resources on their website