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"The SLCo Helpline staff were incredibly knowledgeable and signposted us to so many other useful resources and organisations."

Helen, Dundee mum

Helpline: 01382 250060

Our Helpline is available to provide immediate support, advice, and guidance to parents and carers

Whether you have questions about your child's speech and language development, need assistance navigating educational systems, or seek strategies to promote communication skills at home, our knowledgeable and compassionate team is here to help. 

Features of Our Helpline:

Knowledgeable Experts

Our helpline is staffed by experienced professionals who specialise in supporting individuals who have difficulties with speech, language and communication whether as a primary difficulty or as part of something else. A child may present with any number of difficulties – from neurodivergence to a physical disability. Whatever the problem we’re here to help.  and neurodivergence. Our team members possess the expertise and understanding needed to address your concerns and provide valuable insights. 


Personalised Assistance

We recognise that each situation is unique. When you reach out to our helpline, you can expect personalised assistance that caters to your specific needs and circumstances. Our team will take the time to listen attentively, provide tailored guidance, and offer relevant resources. 


Confidential and Non-Judgemental Support

We provide a safe and confidential space where you can freely share your concerns and challenges without fear of judgment. We understand the importance of confidentiality and respect your privacy, ensuring that your discussions remain secure and discreet.

Benefits of Our Helpline:

Guidance and Information

Our helpline offers a wealth of information and guidance related to SLCN, neurodivergence, and the challenges faced by children and young people. Whether you have questions about interventions, strategies, or available services, we are here to provide the answers and support you need.


Emotional Support

Caring for a child or young person with SLCN and neurodivergence can be emotionally demanding. Our helpline offers a compassionate and empathetic listening ear, providing the emotional support you may require during difficult times. We are here to validate your experiences, offer encouragement, and help you navigate the emotional journey. 


Connection and Community

Through our helpline, you have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of parents and carers who share similar experiences. We understand the power of connection and the comfort that comes from knowing you're not alone. Our helpline serves as a hub for building connections, sharing stories, and gaining insights from others who have walked a similar path. 

On the Helpline, we are committed to being a reliable support system, empowering you to overcome challenges and advocate for the well-being of your child or young person.  

Remember, you are not alone on this journey. Together, we can navigate the path forward and create brighter futures for our children and families.


Don't hesitate to reach out to the Helpline. We are here to listen, guide, and support you.

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