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Accountability: Considering our environmental footprint

If you would like a copy of our accounts please contact us.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Standards

We are a small charity committed to being as  environmentally friendly as possible.

As part of  our commitment, we consider the following: 

Environmental Sustainability: Plain, minimalist digital copies to reduce the environmental footprint associated with elaborate and visually appealing documents, aligning with eco-friendly practices and reducing paper consumption.

Transparency and Accessibility: When we create digital copies, simplification can make the content more accessible to a wider audience, including those who prefer Easy Read, those with communication access disabilities or those using low-bandwidth internet connections. 

Message Consistency: Resist spending resources on flashy branding, ensuring that our message remains focused on our mission and values.

Reducing Digital Clutter: Overly designed, data heavy documents contribute to digital clutter and add to storage requirements.   

Responsible Data Management: The energy consumption and carbon emissions of data centres used for storage are a significant environmental concern. Streamlined digital copies actively reduces the amount of data that requires server storage, lessening our environmental footprint. 

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