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"Youth Club has helped me a lot. I'm happy. I wish other places were like that but they're not."

Graham, Youth Club Member

Club Information

Our children's clubs are specifically designed to boost language development, enhance social skills, and promote mental health in a fun and engaging setting. Through a variety of activities, games, and exercises, children and young people will have the opportunity to improve their communication abilities, build self-confidence, and form friendships with peers facing similar challenges.  

We understand the importance of providing tailored support to children and young people with Speech, Language, Communication Needs (SLCN) and neurodivergence. We offer a range of clubs and activities designed specifically for different age groups, ensuring that each child and young person receives targeted benefits to enhance their development, well-being, and overall quality of life. 


We also understand how isolation and lack of friendship impacts on the lives of children and young people. Improving their confidence and wellbeing is our priority. Our clubs and activities recognise the importance of offering social opportunities which encourage independence and choice. The rights of the child are at the heart of what we do and how we deliver our programmes. Making friends and cultivating healthy and balanced relationships can be lifechanging for children who experience a lack of social connections.


Fred & Tallulah Learn & Talk Club

​Our Learn & Talk Clubs are ideal for young children under 5. Parents attend with their children to learn how they can support their children’s needs and practice with the facilitators who can provide guidance and support.


Story Club

Many children struggle with language, literacy and oracy. If your child needs help with words and reading, providing  an opportunity to have a great time listening and making stories together, will help boost language skills and


Brick Club

Brick Club is a social development programme to help children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and social communication difficulties. Children work together to build Lego® models and create their own designs. Using an activity that most children like provides the opportunity to develop essential social skills such as turn taking, collaboration and social communication.

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Robotics Club

Our Robotics Clubs are specifically designed for children of different age ranges who have a passion for technology. Age groups tend to fall within the 6-12, 12-18. These clubs provide a unique opportunity for children


Mini Robotics Club

Mini Robotics is designed to introduce young children to technology. The club sparks interest in STEM learning and computer programming. By participating in these clubs, children can:


Youth Club

Our Youth Clubs cater to the unique needs of older teens and young adults, providing a safe and inclusive space for personal growth, social connections, and skill development. These clubs are designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by individuals in this age range. By participating in our Youth Clubs, young people can:


Chill Club

Our Chill Clubs focus on providing a relaxed and supportive environment where teens, and young adults can boost their confidence, life skills, and mental health. These clubs offer a range of activities and discussions tailored to the needs of individuals across different age groups. By participating in our Chill Clubs, individuals can:



A befriending programme to create friendships through shared social activities. GAB is aimed at individual young people who struggle with speech language and communication. [11:38] Arianna Patterson A befriending programme to create friendships through shared social activities. GAB is aimed at individual young people who struggle with speech language and communication. [11:39] Arianna Patterson GAB will tailor its service to the needs of the young person. Social outings will cater for both communication and behaviour / emotional needs of young people to help build confidence with a supportive buddy. SLCo has a long history of supporting young people with additional support needs. The programme will be supported by trained staff and volunteer buddies.

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