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Being able to use a phone to help your child's language makes it so easy"

Abigail, Dundee mum


Introducing the               Learning App

Today’s world is all about digital engagement, children and young people are spending more time immersed in technology than ever before.  And they enjoy the interface between them and the screen as most parents will know! 

It's often a challenge to harness this technology as a developmental tool rather than a mere distraction. There can be concerns that children, while glued to their screens, may not be adequately honing their communication skills, even though they might be mastering other skills like reflexes, fine motor skills, and reading. 

Chatta is an innovative app designed to bolster language and communication skills in children. It's a versatile tool that can be used by educators, parents, and practitioners alike.  

Chatta leverages photos, audio recordings, and touchscreens to actively encourage children to enhance their communication skills in various settings - be it in school, at home, or on the go.  

Educators and practitioners can establish their own profiles and create profiles for the children they are working with.  

Additionally, they have the option to share valuable resources with parents or guardians to further foster learning at home. 

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How it Works


Once the app is set up, the "teacher" (which could be a practitioner or any adult working with the child) can capture photos and record audio descriptions for these images.  

These photos can then be organised into a narrative or informative content that the child can engage with, akin to a short storyboard or comic strip.


Subsequently, the child can listen to the audio content provided by the teacher and record their own descriptions. 

Who Can Benefit? 

While Chatta is suitable for any child, it can be particularly advantageous for those with Speech, Language, and Communication Needs (SLCNs).  

For instance, the integration of audio and visual components can greatly assist children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) in comprehending audio content more comprehensively. 


The ability to replay the audio enables them to capture every nuance of speech sounds without the need to feel self-conscious about requesting repetitions.  

An added  bonus for children with speech difficulties, recording their own versions of captions provides a platform for practicing speech sounds, while educators and practitioners can gauge their progress.  

Chatta also serves as an effective tool for introducing new vocabulary or revisiting challenging words within a child's lexicon. 

Explore Chatta's website > to discover more or simply download the                         from the App Store.

Our parent training programme includes CHATTA as part of the skills-building sessions for parents and carers – contact us for more information about what’s running what’s on in your area. 

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